Mosquito Authority-Pensacola, FL

Mosquito Authority-Pensacola, FL

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Pest Control
5757 Loring Dr.
Pensacola, Florida
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Do you need pest control in Pensacola, FL? We can take care of all the details.

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Do you need pest control in Pensacola, FL? We can take care of all the details. Our service is based on the 3-week life cycle of the typical mosquito. Each time Mosquito Authority-Pensacola, FL visits your property, we do an inspection of the treatment area and identify standing water that could serve as a mosquito breeding area. When possible, we eliminate the standing water. In areas where we cannot stop the standing water, we apply a granular treatment that eradicates the larvae of the mosquito. We then move on to applying our barrier treatment which focuses on shaded areas that mosquitoes prefer as habitats like bushes, trees, and shrubs. Our barrier treatment eliminates mosquitoes on contact for up to 3 weeks. Every 21 days we return to repeat the process. Trust our expert teams to eliminate the threat on your property! Visit our website for further information!

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Christine Allen
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Pensacola Florida United States
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